Headquartered in Chicago, Higgins Development Partners delivers comprehensive real estate development services to a wide range of private, corporate, institutional and public sector clients throughout North America.  

We provide expertise in the following areas:
  • Speculative and Build-to-Suit Development

  • Land Planning and Development

  • Value-Added Acquisitions

  • Joint Ventures

  • Public/Private Partnerships


Higgins Development Partners has significant experience and expertise in land development projects, public/private partnerships, build-to-suit developments and acquisitions. Since our founding in 1980, we have created over $5 billion of development value, resulting in a diverse portfolio of office, industrial, laboratory, government, institutional, and mixed-use land developments.


No matter the project size, our approach begins with a senior-level executive, who provides a single point of responsibility and accountability to our clients. This is a seasoned professional, with no less than 15 years experience, who understands service as well as the value of delivering results. Throughout the process, we focus on addressing the issues most critical to you in order to maximize the development’s quality while maintaining budget and timeline schedules. We listen to our clients and design buildings from the inside out, always with our clients’ interests in mind.


Our long-term ownership perspective, combined with experienced development managers, substantial financial resources and a client-driven approach translate to reliability, consistency and value-added
performance for our clients.

From the top:
Hyatt Center - Chicago, IL
Skil Bosch Power Tools - West Memphis, AK
O’Hare Gateway Office Center - Rosemont, IL
Lehigh Distribution Center - Lehigh County, PA