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The FBI Chicago Field Office is a 425,000 square foot, three building complex consisting of a 10-story office building, a 2-level structured parking deck, two levels of below grade parking, and a 1-story vehicular Annex facility. The exterior of the office building is comprised of a highly finished architectural precast concrete expressing a 10-foot module around openings of light blue vision glass and a bluish colored spandrel glass panel. The combination of these two materials result in a very glassylooking building. It conveys an attractive and profesional appearance to
this government facility.

The building features a dramatic 2-level main entry way with a larger glass “net-wall” which has stressd cable structure support. This transparent and innovative wall helps visually and symbolically connect the inner space to the exterior entrance plaza. The main building lobby marble panels on the west wall, granite flooring and precast concrete with wood panels ont the north and south walls. Additional feautres include upgraded general office areas; granite walls in the elevator lobbies; and
upgraded executive office areas and conference rooms.