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Bethesda, Maryland
Neuroscience Research Laboratory - 600,000 SF

The National Institutes of Health’s Porter Neuroscience Research Center will be a multi-disciplinary neuroscience research laboratory dedicated solely to research of the brain when complete in 2006.  The Center will total 600,000 SF with over 420,000 SF dedicated to research laboratories, 12,000 SF lab administrative offices, 80,000 SF animal research facilities, an 8,000 SF auditorium, 10,000 SF cafeteria, and 20,000 SF of public space/atrium. One of the main goals of the project is to create a facility that promotes cutting edge biomedical research through communication and collaboration as a means to facilitate innovation and creativity.

As Development Manager, Higgins Development Partners is acting as the single point of responsibility and accountability for all aspects of architect selection, programming, facilities design and construction.